Why You Should Consider Opening a Shipping Container Cafe and How to Get Started

Imagine launching your dream cafe without breaking the bank, having full control over its design, and the flexibility to move it around as needed. Enter the world of shipping container cafes, an innovative and cost-effective way to open a cafe that is both versatile and engaging. Let’s explore the benefits and what you need to consider when choosing a shipping container cafe for your business venture.

Table of Contents

  1. Benefits of a Shipping Container Cafe
    1. Affordability: A Budget-friendly Option
    2. Customisable Design: Make It Yours
    3. Environmental Impact and Sustainability
    4. Durability and Security: Built to Last
    5. Portability: A Movable Asset
  2. What You Need to Consider
    1. Planning and Permits
    2. Interior Design and Layout Considerations
    3. Outdoor Spaces and Landscaping
    4. Hygiene and Easy Maintenance
    5. Marketing and Promotion
    6. Financing and Funding Options
    7. Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation
    8. Ensuring Great Coffee and Customer Service
    9. Collaborating with Other Businesses and Local Councils
  3. Get Started with Instant Sea Containers

Benefits of a Shipping Container Cafe

Shipping container cafes are transforming the way we think about cafes, offering a unique and efficient approach that holds numerous advantages over traditional brick-and-mortar establishments. Here are the key benefits of opting for a shipping container over a traditional cafe space.

Affordability: A Budget-friendly Option

Building a traditional brick-and-mortar cafe is an expensive investment, but opting for a shipping container cafe may offer a more budget-friendly alternative. Not only is the initial investment lower than purchasing a property but the operational costs are also reduced and you can save on construction costs, which can be a game-changer for small businesses looking to maximise their profits.

Customisable Design: Make It Yours

When purchasing a shipping container cafe, one of the greatest advantages is the freedom to design it according to your vision. From colours and styles to furniture and layout, the choice is all yours. This allows you to create a space that truly represents your brand, ensuring it feels like a seamless extension of your business rather than a makeshift solution to temporary space challenges. Make sure you work with a manufacturer who understands your vision and is prepared to work alongside you to bring it to life.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Choosing a converted shipping container cafe contributes to a more sustainable business model by repurposing used containers and reducing waste. Moreover, eco-friendly construction materials and practices can be employed in the creation of your cafe, further minimising the environmental impact.

Durability and Security: Built to Last

Shipping containers are designed with durability and security in mind, featuring strong steel walls that keep your valuable items safe. This includes good coffee machines, fridges, and other essential equipment. When looking for ultimate durability, make sure your container is equipped with steel-framed construction systems and structurally insulated panels. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that your shipping container cafe is built to withstand the test of time.

Portability: A Movable Asset

Portability A Movable Asset

One of the most appealing aspects of a shipping container cafe is its portability. The ability to own a customisable space and transport it to new locations, such as a car park or building site, opens up a world of possibilities for your business. Whether you want to explore new foot traffic opportunities or relocate due to changing circumstances, a shipping container cafe offers unmatched flexibility.

What You Need to Consider

By opting for a shipping container cafe, you are choosing a unique, cost-effective, and flexible solution that is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the cafe industry. Equipped with the knowledge of potential challenges and a comprehensive understanding of the process, you’ll be well-prepared to launch your successful shipping container cafe.

Planning and Permits

Before embarking on your shipping container cafe journey, it’s essential to research local planning and building regulations. You will need to obtain the necessary permits and approvals to ensure a smooth process for manufacture.  These permits can take a long time, this should be your first consideration.

Interior Design and Layout Considerations

Creating a comfortable and efficient interior within the limited space of a shipping container cafe can be a challenge. Consider space-saving furniture, multi-purpose fixtures, and strategic layout designs to ensure an enjoyable experience for your customers.

Outdoor Spaces and Landscaping

Enhance the appeal of your shipping container cafe by incorporating outdoor seating, greenery, and other elements that create a welcoming atmosphere. This not only expands the usable space but also adds an aesthetic touch to your cafe.

Hygiene and Easy Maintenance

Shipping container cafes are designed with ease of maintenance and hygiene in mind. Our internal finishes ensure health department compliance.

Marketing and Promotion

Successfully promoting your shipping container cafe involves leveraging its unique concept to attract customers. Utilise social media, local events, and partnerships with other businesses to create buzz and generate interest in your one-of-a-kind cafe.

Financing and Funding Options

Starting a shipping container cafe requires investment, and understanding the financial resources available to you can be crucial. Explore different financing options, such as loans, grants, and crowdfunding, to secure the funds needed to bring your vision to life.

Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation

Creating a comfortable environment inside a shipping container cafe involves proper insulation, heating, and cooling systems. We design our shipping container cafes to ensure they are energy efficient as required under the building code and we can include airconditioning in them.

Ensuring Great Coffee and Customer Service

To make your shipping container cafe stand out among traditional cafes and coffee shops, it is essential to invest in a good coffee machine, next-level barista technology, and well-trained staff. A great barista and excellent customer service will ensure that people return to your café day after day.

Collaborating with Other Businesses and Local Councils

Partnering with local businesses and engaging with your local council can help create a supportive environment for your start-up cafe. These collaborations can lead to promotional opportunities, increased foot traffic, and assistance in overcoming any zoning or permit challenges.

Collaborating with Other Busines

Get Started with Instant Sea Containers

By opting for a shipping container cafe, you are choosing a unique, cost-effective, and flexible solution that is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the cafe industry. With benefits like affordability, customisable design, durability, portability, and easy maintenance, a shipping container cafe is an excellent choice for those seeking an efficient business asset. Understanding the process, and seizing the opportunity, are the first steps to becoming a successful cafe owner.

If the idea of a shipping container cafe has piqued your interest, or you need more information to get your start-up cafe on the ground. Contact Instant Sea Containers for a free quote and consultation today. Instant Sea Containers is a Western Australian company with over 20 years of experience in portable offices and container solutions. Their expertise and commitment to finding the perfect solution for your business needs will ensure that your container cafe is purpose-built and designed to suit your needs. Work alongside the industry leaders in converted shipping containers and get ready to take your tiny start-ups to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Main Benefits of a Shipping Container Cafe?

Shipping container cafes offer affordability, customisable design, environmental sustainability, durability, security, and portability, making them an innovative solution for entrepreneurs.

How Can I Customize My Shipping Container Cafe?

You have the freedom to design your shipping container cafe according to your vision, including choices in colors, styles, layout, and furniture, allowing for a unique brand representation.

What Should I Consider When Planning a Shipping Container Cafe?

Considerations include obtaining planning and permits, interior design and layout, outdoor spaces, hygiene, marketing, financing options, heating, cooling, ventilation, and ensuring quality coffee and customer service.

How Does a Shipping Container Cafe Promote Sustainability?

By repurposing used containers and employing eco-friendly construction materials, shipping container cafes contribute to a more sustainable business model and reduce environmental impact.

What Makes Shipping Container Cafes Cost-effective?

Compared to traditional brick-and-mortar establishments, shipping container cafes require a lower initial investment, reduced operational costs, and offer savings on construction, making them a budget-friendly option.


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