Everything You Need to Know About Event Offices

At Instant Sea Containers, we make event management spaces straightforward, with our versatile Event Offices. Crafted for adaptability and resilience, these unique office setups are tailored to accommodate the diverse requirements of any event. Organise your next modifiable and transportable office with Instant Sea Containers.


What Are Event Offices?

An event office is a repurposed shipping container transformed into a fully functional and flexible office space, providing a modern solution for event management.

These durable, steel-structured units offer a sturdy and secure foundation for your next event. Sea containers’ modular design, insulated walls, windows, doors, and essential utilities, make them ideal for both temporary and permanent event setups.

Bright pink container booth at FIFA Fan Festival 2023 with colorful decorations and visitors

What Features Do Our Event Offices Offer?

Our event offices are designed with innovation and practicality at their core, offering a suite of features to meet your demands. Each feature is tailored to provide comfort, security, and efficiency, making these offices an excellent choice for any event.

  • Structural Integrity and Insulation: Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) for walls and ceilings, paired with insulated flooring are the key to a comfortable and safe event office. SIPs stand up to extreme weather while maintaining a comfortable interior climate, making our offices a reliable workspace year-round.
  • Enhanced Security and Accessibility: Security is paramount, which is why our offices feature commercial-grade steel entry doors. These doors provide enhanced protection for your workspace, ensuring that your office and its contents are safe.
  • Natural Light and Ventilation: Our offices are fitted with framed and functional windows, complete with flyscreens. This affords ample natural light and ensures ventilation, creating a more pleasant and productive working environment.
  • Climate Control: Adapt to the seasons effortlessly with our reverse-cycle air conditioning systems. Cooling down in summer and warming up in winter, maintaining an optimal working temperature is simple with our climate control systems.
  • Power and Lighting: Essential to any working office, our units come equipped with internal and external power points, strategically placed for convenience and efficiency. Illumination is provided by internal LED lighting, offering bright, energy-efficient light that enhances the workspace without the high energy costs.
  • Durable and Practical Flooring: The foundation of our office spaces is heavy-duty commercial-grade vinyl flooring. This material is chosen for its durability and ease of maintenance, capable of withstanding high traffic.

How Do I Choose the Right Event Office?

Selecting the right event office involves considering a few key factors to ensure it meets your specific needs. Here’s a guide to help you make the right choice.

What Do You Need to Consider?

When choosing your event office, consider the following:

  • Event Location & Climate: Determine if you need a standard or cyclonic-rated office based on your geographical location and weather conditions. If you’re unsure, we have a detailed guide and visual map that explains the difference between a cyclonic & non-cyclonic building.
  • Size of Your Team: Choose a container size that comfortably accommodates your team and allows for future growth. If you’re hiring with us, our flexible hiring options allow you to expand your event office as your team grows.
  • Operational Needs & Modifications: Identify the specific requirements of your event, including the need for features such as insulation, air conditioning, and security measures.

Media Office at FIFA Fan Festival 2023 in a bright pink container with event signage

What Sizes Do Event Offices Come In?

Our event offices are available in a variety of sizes to suit different requirements:

  • 20’HC Container Office: A versatile choice for small to mid-sized setups, providing a balance of space and functionality.
  • 40’HC Container Office: Our largest office space, ideal for large-scale events with plenty of room for a comprehensive office setup.
  • 20’HC & 40’HC Container Offices (Region D Cyclonic): The ultimate choices for events in cyclonic regions, providing a balance of safety and functionality.

What Are The Common Uses for Event Offices?

Event offices can be utilised for a wide range of uses, such as:

  • Event Management Offices: Ideal for coordinating event activities, housing staff or security teams, and managing operations on-site.
  • Ticketing and Registration Booths: Provide a secure and organised space for handling ticket sales and event registrations.
  • Media and Press Rooms: Suitable for setting up press rooms or media centres at large events, offering a professional environment for media personnel.
  • Artist Greenrooms & VIP Lounges: Offers a comfortable and exclusive space for VIP guests and artists. 
  • Makeup and Costume Rooms: Shipping containers provide a secure and comfortable space for staff and artists to prepare for the big event.
  • First Aid Stations: Essential for ensuring the safety and well-being of event attendees, providing a dedicated space for medical personnel.
  • Temporary Workspaces: Ideal for events that require temporary office setups, ensuring all administrative needs are met efficiently.

Ready to Transform Your Event with Shipping Container Event Offices?

Instant Products Group Office

Event offices offer unparalleled flexibility and durability, making them an excellent choice for innovative event management solutions.

Looking to hire or buy an event office in Perth or Western Australia? Instant Sea Containers is your go-to provider.

With our extensive selection of modifiable and durable event offices, we cater to the unique needs of various events. Discover the perfect solution for your operational requirements.

For more details on sea containers for events in Perth, visit Instant Sea Containers at 18 Rogers Way, Landsdale WA 6065, or contact us at 08 9415 0720 for expert advice available 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are event offices?

Event offices are repurposed shipping containers transformed into flexible and functional workspaces for managing events. They offer a sturdy structure and can be modified with various features like insulation, windows, and essential utilities.

What features do event offices offer?

Key features include Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), commercial-grade steel doors for security, framed windows for natural light, and climate control systems for comfort.

How do I choose the right event office?

Consider your event location, the size of your team, and specific operational needs like climate control and security features. Choose from 20’HC, and 40’HC depending on your space requirements.

What are common uses for event offices?

They are used as event management offices, ticketing and registration booths, media and press rooms, VIP lounges, first aid stations, dressing rooms, and temporary workspaces.


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