Designing and manufacturing converted sea containers is our specialty.

At Instant Sea Containers, we’re backed by a team that has provided instant solutions in Western Australia for over 20 years. With our wide range of converted shipping containers immediately available, we’re equipped to meet your project demands swiftly and efficiently, no matter the scale or specifications.

We place a huge emphasis on durability, safety, and versatility with our converted shipping containers to ensure they comply with the National Construction Code (NCC).

Browse our Range of New Shipping Container Buildings for Sale

Browse our Range of New Shipping Containers for Sale

20’GP Sea Container
$5,500 inc GST ($5,000 exc GST)

Our 20’GP standard sea containers feature a single set of double swing doors, timber flooring, anchor points internally and optional lock boxes. These sea containers are built to last and are manufactured from marine-grade Corten steel, perfect for transporting and storing most products for both long and short-term use.

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Ready for Instant Deployment

Are you in need of a shipping container that’s ready for immediate delivery?

At Instant Sea Containers, we excel in providing an instant solution to your urgent needs. Our vast inventory of converted shipping containers are prepped and ready for immediate deployment, ensuring you have the exact size and design to meet your project requirements without delay.

The Modified Shipping Containers We Offer

Our containers come with features such as reverse cycle air conditioning, structurally insulated panels, and glass windows. For those looking to enhance their containers further, we offer customisation options including the addition of hot water systems, glass sliding doors, interior LED lighting, plug-play operations and much more.

Our current stock of converted container buildings includes:

Need More Information on our Shipping Containers?

Please submit an online enquiry form and a team member from Instant Sea Containers will get back to you within the next 24 hours to address your needs. Alternatively, you can also reach out to our Perth office directly at (08) 9406 6600.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Geographic Regions are Covered by our Services?

We offer prompt delivery throughout Western Australia. To get specific information about delivery to your precise location, please reach out to us and we’d be glad to provide you a tailored answer.

What is the Delivery Timeline for a Shipping Container to My Site?

We excel in ensuring swift delivery. Discuss your needs with our team, and we’ll provide a delivery timeframe based on your location and the chosen container type.

What Shipping Container Delivery Options Do You Offer?

We offer two main delivery methods to ensure the safe and efficient transport of your shipping containers. They are:

  • Tilt-tray Delivery: A great choice for straightforward ground-level delivery and retrieval of containers. The truck’s tilt-tray mechanism slides the container off the back, ideal for locations with sufficient space for delivery.
  • Hiab Crane Delivery: When precise placement or elevation is required at your site, our Hiab crane delivery comes in handy. The truck-mounted Hiab crane allows for accurate positioning of the container, even in tighter or more challenging spaces.