Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers for Sale and Hire

When it comes to managing hazardous goods, prioritising safety, compliance, and reliability is paramount. Our Dangerous Goods Storage Containers provide an unrivalled solution for securely housing perilous goods at your workplace or job site.

Crafted with Australian standards code in mind, these specialised containers are designed to mitigate risks and ensure a compliant, safe environment for both handling and storage. All Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers are leak-proof.

Whether dealing with flammable, corrosive, or other dangerous chemicals, Instant Sea Containers provide reliable dangerous goods shipping containers, working as a barrier between potential hazards and your operations.

Adherence to Australian Hazardous Goods Regulations

When dealing with hazardous materials, having a secure and compliant storage solution on-site isn’t just a practical necessity, but a regulatory mandate. Our range of dangerous goods containers are designed to help you remain compliant.

Key Features of our Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers

  • Galvanised steel grid mesh flooring
  • Bunded tank floor – captures hazardous spills
  • Multiple ventilation vents – consistent airflow to dispel harmful fumes
  • Corrugated CORTEN steel construction – offers robustness against corrosive elements and extreme weather conditions
  • Internal safety handle
  • Double opening doors
  • Forklift pockets – easy handling and mobility
  • Marine-grade waterborne DTM paint

Dangerous Goods Storage Container Sizes

For a more tailored solution, we also offer the conversion of our standard dangerous goods containers into storage units, ensuring a perfect fit for your industry-specific needs or unique operational demands.

Our dangerous goods storage containers are designed for effortless mobility and lifting, facilitating easy relocation, adapting to evolving site conditions often found in the mining and resources sector.

For enhanced accessibility, we also offer side opening dangerous goods shipping containers. This feature ensures reliably smooth, unhindered access to the contents, expediting the process of loading and unloading materials, while maintaining the rigorous safety standards essential in handling dangerous goods.


Download a copy of our Container Building General Specifications to better understand what features are included in our pricing.

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Unmatched Quality, Whether Buying or Hiring

As a member of the Instant Products Group, Instant Sea Containers is a quality endorsed organisation, certified to the following standards:

Quality ISO9001:2008
Environmental Management Systems ISO14001
Health & Safety Management Systems ISO4801:2001

Each shipping container in our inventory is crafted with a focus on safety, functionality and longevity, working with our commitment to quality.

Backed by a team experienced in designs and manufacturing portable products for nearly 20 years, Instant Sea Containers has become a leading name in the portable shipping container industry throughout Western Australia with thousands of successful projects under our portfolio.

Your Path to Easy Storage Starts with Instant Sea Containers

Our varied size offerings ensure an immediate solution for all hazardous material storage needs. For prompt assistance and a free quote on your next dangerous goods shipping container in Perth or Western Australia, reach out to our team at 1300 556 241.

Hire or Buy

All of our products that are available to hire or buy. Hire from as short as a day or as long as several years.

Fast Delivery

Quick and instant delivery options available. We are flexible to your needs and offer a variety of delivery methods.

Onsite Setup

We offer the complete site setup from offices, standard storage containers and dangerous goods containers.

What Areas do you Service with your Dangerous Goods Containers

We deliver anywhere within Western Australia. Contact us to confirm availability in your specific location.

What Delivery Options do you Provide for the Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers?

We provide two primary delivery options to cater to the specific needs of transporting your dangerous goods shipping containers efficiently and safely. These options are:

  • Tilt-tray delivery: This option is ideal for easy and safe ground-level delivery and collection of containers. The tilt-tray truck tilts to slide the container off the back, making it a suitable choice for locations with ample space for delivery.
  • Hiab Crane delivery: If your site requires the container to be placed in a specific position or at elevation, our Hiab crane delivery is the perfect solution. The Hiab crane mounted on the truck allows for precision placement of the container, even in more challenging or confined spaces.

What are Dangerous Goods?

Dangerous goods, also known as hazardous materials, are substances or materials that pose significant risks to safety, health, or property when transported or stored improperly. They encompass a wide range of materials, including chemicals, gases, flammable liquids, toxic substances, corrosives, and radioactive materials, among others.

The handling, storage, and transportation of dangerous goods are strictly regulated by various national and international laws and regulations to mitigate the risks associated with them.

Our Dangerous Goods Containers are engineered to comply with these stringent standards, ensuring a safe and compliant solution for managing hazardous materials in your workplace or job site.