Bar Containers

Instant Sea Containers has a range of containerized bar solutions designed for any site, any location throughout Australia. Instant Bars are fully featured, containerized solutions designed for quick deployment anywhere.

Designed as a multi-purpose buildings our Instant Bars can be used for virtually any situation where you need to transact with customers for the sale of products such as food or beverages.

Ideal for:

  • Alcohol Serving at events as a Bar
  • Sale of Food/beverages at events
  • School Canteens
  • Sporting Ground Canteens
  • Pop up food outlets

Container Bars

Flexibility is the key with our container bar designs. Some standard inclusions in our designs are:

  • Insulated walls/ceilings/floors for user comfort
  • Large servery windows with roller shutters for security
  • Easy access end opening container for movement of stock/fridges easily in/out of the unit
  • Built in stainless steel benches with ice wells
  • Anti-slip vinyl floor finishes internally for easy cleaning
  • Stainless Steel hand basins for hand washing compliance
  • Electric Hot water services
  • Feature LED lighting externally
  • Feature LED spot/track lighting internally

Available to HIRE or BUY these units are ideal for your next event or project needing temporary bar facilities.