Shipping Container Bars For Sale

Shipping Container Bars For Sale

Need a bar?  Instant Sea Containers in consultation with our industry partners have designed a range of retail container bars to suit the biggest of crowds for any event of venue.   Our sea container bars can be designed to suit your exact needs including corporate branding and styling.   We can deliver quickly to any location in Australia.

Sea Container bars offer flexibility to setup in locations for a short period of time or as a permenant fixture.   Offering an element of design flair using custom finishes is easy for our creative design team.

Available in a variety of configurations to suit our customers needs these units feature

  • Custom external facades
  • Large servery windows with roller shutters
  • Custom stainless steel benches, speed wells and glass racks
  • Optional Fridge/Freezer units and complete internal fit outs
  • Airconditioning
  • POS terminal positions with power to suit

Talk to a member of our team today about our Sea Container Bars.