How Shipping Container Modifications Meet Commercial Needs

Shipping containers are increasingly used to meet various commercial needs across industries such as retail, food services, offices, workshops, education, and events.


Instant Sea Containers specialises in modifying shipping containers to create tailored solutions for each sector. This blog explores how these modifications transform containers into functional spaces, delivering practical solutions for a variety of commercial applications.


Commercial Applications


Bright yellow shipping container converted into an outdoor event booth with open serving window and festive decorations.

Shipping containers provide versatile solutions for the arts, entertainment, and recreation sectors, catering to a variety of event needs.

Shipping containers we offer as solutions:

  • Box Office Containers: Offers a secure setup for ticketing, concession stands, and merchandise sales, with windows for customer interaction and internal shelving for product display.
  • Container Bars: Provide setups for serving drinks and beverages, including counters, shelving, and serving windows for customer interaction.
  • Kiosks Containers: Serve as flexible units for merchandise sales, concessions, or information booths, equipped with windows for customer interaction and security shutters for protection.
  • Event Offices: Offers comfortable workspaces for event management, including internal power points, air-conditioning, and secure storage solutions.


Nighttime scene at an outdoor event with people walking past colorful shipping container booths under tree canopy.

Shipping containers can be modified into retail stores, pop-up shops, and kiosks, offering flexible and affordable solutions for retailers.

Shipping containers we offer as solutions:

  • Kiosk Containers: They feature windows for customer interaction and can be equipped with security shutters, making them suitable for point-of-sale operations, ticket booths, or merchandise shops.
  • Box Office Containers: They offer secure setups for ticketing or concession stands, with additional shelving units for product display.
  • Store Room Containers: An excellent storage solution for inventory and supplies, ensuring secure, organised storage for retail goods.

Food & Beverage

Crowd of people at an outdoor event featuring bars made from modified shipping containers in an urban setting.

Shipping containers offer practical solutions for the food and beverage industry, providing affordable and flexible setups for bars, cafes, restaurants, and kitchens. Instant Sea Containers offers modifications that cater to different needs, transforming containers into functional spaces for various culinary purposes.

Shipping containers we offer as solutions:

  • Container Bars: They come equipped for serving drinks and beverages, including counters, shelving, and serving windows for customer interaction.
  • Kitchen Containers: They feature stainless steel counters, sinks, and serving windows, providing a fully equipped space for food preparation and service.
  • Lunch Room Containers: This container comes equipped with a kitchenette, including a sink and external connections ready to go. The vinyl floor makes cleaning food messes easy, and the container can easily accommodate tables and chairs for comfortable dining options.


Gray shipping container modified with a white door and window, located in a storage yard.

Shipping containers provide practical solutions for portable offices, offering flexible and affordable setups for workspaces, meeting rooms, and office storage areas. Instant Sea Containers offers modifications that cater to different office needs, transforming containers into functional spaces for businesses of all sizes.

Shipping containers we offer as solutions:

  • Shipping Container Offices: They come with insulated walls, ceilings, and floors for thermal efficiency and comfort, commercial-grade steel entry doors for secure entry and exit, and internal power points for convenient access to electricity.


Gray shipping container with a white door, situated in an open lot with colorful containers in the background.

Shipping containers provide practical and affordable solutions for workshops, offering flexible setups for various trades. These modifications transform containers into functional spaces, creating versatile work environments.

Shipping containers we offer as solutions:

  • Workshop Containers: Equipped with heavy-duty integrated work benches, storage solutions for tools and materials, and internal and external power points, making them suitable for a variety of trades.


Stacked gray and yellow shipping containers in a storage yard under clear blue sky.

Shipping containers offer versatile solutions for logistics, catering to a variety of storage needs. Depending on what you’re storing, we offer multiple shipping container options to cater to all needs.


Additional Modifications

While some features come standard with specific shipping containers, we offer the ability to modify these containers with additional amenities and features. Common modifications include:

  • Reverse-Cycle Air Conditioning: Ensures comfortable interior temperatures, making containers suitable for various climates and uses.
  • SIP Insulation: Structural Insulated Panels for walls and ceilings provide thermal efficiency, reducing energy costs and improving comfort.
  • Additional Power Solutions: Internal and external power points, and LED lighting options ensure sufficient power and illumination for different setups.
  • And more!: Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific needs, offering a range of modifications to create tailored solutions.


Finding the Right Shipping Container for Your Commercial Needs

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For shipping containers for sale or hire in Perth, look no further than Instant Sea Containers.

Contact our Perth office at 08 9406 6600, and let our team guide you in selecting and modifying the sea container that best suits your business needs. Our solutions cater to various sectors, ensuring efficiency, flexibility, and value for your investment.


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