Everything You Need To Know About Shipping Container Conversions

At Instant Sea Containers, we’re at the forefront of innovative space solutions with our container conversions. Our expertise transforms shipping containers into versatile spaces, from modern offices to standout bars, tailored for any purpose.


Discover the potential of converted shipping containers as we guide you through the creative possibilities they offer, redefining traditional spaces for those seeking a unique business solution.


What are Converted Shipping Containers?

Converted shipping containers are repurposed steel containers originally used for transporting goods. Now, they’re creatively transformed for various uses, such as offices, cafes, kitchens, and workshops, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional building methods.

This innovative approach to architecture and design maximises the containers’ inherent strength and durability, allowing for modified and mobile solutions that cater to diverse needs and locations.


Benefits of Container Conversions

Container conversions offer several key benefits:

  • Eco-Friendly: Reusing shipping containers reduces waste and utilises fewer resources than traditional construction methods.
  • Cost-Effective: Often cheaper than building from scratch, especially with the rising cost of construction materials.
  • Flexibility: Can be modified for a wide range of uses and easily relocated.
  • Durability: Made to withstand harsh conditions, they’re incredibly strong and long-lasting.
  • Quick Setup: Conversion time can be much shorter than traditional construction timelines.
  • Innovative Design: Offers unique architectural possibilities for standout spaces.


What Converted Shipping Containers Do You Offer?

1. Shipping Container Store Rooms

interior of a Shipping Container Store Room

Our Sea Container Store Rooms are quick, heavy-duty storage solutions equipped with essentials such as shelving, lighting, and power points. Tailored for various needs such as document or equipment storage, these containers are adaptable for any site. Air conditioning can also be added to your unit upon request.

Perfect for:

  • Document Storage
  • Product / Good Storage
  • Workshop Storage
  • Equipment Storage on Construction / Work Sites
  • Spare Parts Storage

2. Shipping Container Workshops

Shipping Container Workshop with a secure door added to one side, situated in a large open area with other containers visible in the background.

We offer Sea Container Workshops designed for heavy-duty use, suitable for a range of projects from mine sites to vehicle repair workshops. These containers come equipped with commercial-grade doors, roller doors for equipment access, workbenches, LED lighting, power points, and optional air conditioning and insulation. Modifications are available to meet your specific project needs, providing a versatile and reliable workplace solution.

Perfect for:

  • Mine Site Workshops
  • Commercial Work Sites
  • Civil Construction Projects
  • Remote Work Site Projects
  • Vehicle Repair Workshops
  • Tyre Fitting Workshops
  • Electrical / Instrument Workshops
  • Pipe and Fitting Workshops

3. Shipping Container Offices

Shipping Container Office with added features like a door and window, suitable for use as a portable office or living space

Our Sea Container Offices are tailored for diverse workplace requirements. These portable offices are a sturdy and flexible choice, suitable from straightforward site offices to more complex, multi-person setups. They come equipped with features such as insulation and air conditioning, ready to withstand even cyclonic conditions. 

Perfect for:

  • Mine Site Offices
  • Construction Site Offices
  • Training Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms

4. Shipping Container Lunchrooms

interior of a Shipping Container Lunchroom complete with lighting and a built-in cabinet.

Our versatile portable Sea Container Lunchrooms that can be tailored for specific site needs, including being Cyclonic Region D compliant and featuring upgraded electrical systems for mine site compliance. This adaptability ensures they’re suitable for a variety of environments, meeting both safety and functional requirements.

Perfect for:

  • Mine Sites
  • Civil Projects
  • Commercial Construction Sites

5. Shipping Container Kitchens

shipping container kitchens located outdoors, suggesting its use in public events or as a temporary establishment

Our Sea Container Kitchens are designed to cater to various hospitality needs. These kitchens range from basics to high specialised facilities, perfect for temporary or semi-permanent kitchen setups. They’re constructed from standard shipping containers and include features such as insulation, commercial-grade fittings, and stainless steel fixtures, ensuring a fast and robust solution for commercial kitchen needs in any location.

Perfect for:

  • School Canteens
  • Food Vendors At Events
  • Food Kiosks
  • Ice Cream Shops
  • Temporary Kitchens For Food Businesses
  • Temporary Kitchens During Venue Renovations

6. Shipping Container Event Offices

Shipping Container Event Office in a striking teal color, equipped with a large mesh window and a secure side door

We provide Sea Container Event Offices that cater towards various event needs, from small concerts to large festivals. These offices, available in multiple sizes and configurations, include insulation, commercial-grade doors, large windows, and essential power and lighting. They’re designed for quick deployment, offering a practical and standout solution for on-site event management spaces.

Perfect for:

  • Site Manager Offices
  • Green Rooms
  • Artist Dressing Rooms
  • Makeup / Costume Changing Areas
  • Back of House Offices

7. Shipping Container Control Rooms

Shipping Container Control Room with a large window and awning, making it suitable for use as a mobile shop or cafe

Instant Sea Containers offers Sea Container Control Rooms designed for high visibility applications. These containerised solutions are quick to deploy, can be placed anywhere, including elevated platforms, and come with features such as insulation, air conditioning, large viewing windows, and commercial-grade flooring, ensuring functionality and comfort for critical monitoring tasks.

Perfect for:

  • Operations Offices
  • Machinery / Plant Control Rooms
  • Weighbridge Control Rooms
  • Gate / Security Huts

8. Shipping Container Kiosks

brightly lit, yellow Shipping Container Kiosk , given its large display windows and robust lighting setup for night-time operation

Our Sea Container Kiosks are designed for flexibility and quick deployment across Western Australia. These compact, fully-featured units come in 10’ and 20’ sizes, equipped with essential amenities such as insulated walls for comfort, large servery windows with shutters for security, reverse-cycle air conditioning, and built-in benches. Ideal for temporary food or beverage facilities or any project requiring a mobile serving space.

Perfect for:

  • Merchandise Stalls
  • Pop-up Food Stalls
  • Canteens
  • Cafes
  • Food & Beverage Outlets
  • Information Booths

9. Shipping Container Bars

Shipping Container Bar, painted in an attractive teal color, featuring large open windows suitable for serving customers or for display purposes.

We offer Sea Container Bars that are ideal for serving alcohol or food at various events, with features like insulated walls, large servery windows, and built-in stainless steel benches. They’re perfect for creating a pop-up hospitality venue anywhere across Western Australia due to their quick deployment and mobility.

Perfect for:

  • Alcohol Serving at Events as a Bar
  • Sale of Food/beverages at Events
  • School Canteens
  • Sporting Ground Canteens
  • Pop-up Food Outlets

10. Shipping Container Box Offices

a brightly colored pink Shipping Container Box Office, modified to serve as a retail or food service outlet with large serving window

We offer Sea Container Box Offices that are perfect for professional event ticketing. Available in a 20’ format, these compact, cost-efficient units are designed with features like insulated walls, secure glass-fronted server windows, and built-in benches, ensuring comfort and functionality. Ideal for deployment anywhere, these Box Offices stand out for their practicality and ease of use.

Perfect for:

  • Ticket sales for Events
  • Information Booths
  • Guest Services at Festivals
  • Registration Desks for Conferences
  • Check-in points for Outdoor Exhibitions


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Our extensive selection of converted sea containers cater to a broad range of uses. Dive into our offerings and discover the perfect shipping container to match your project’s needs. For personalised advice, contact our Perth office at 08 9406 6600, or reach out to our 24/7 customer support at 1300 556 241.


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