Shipping Containers: Why They’re the Ultimate Solution for Your Next Big Event

event shipping container

In the world of event planning, innovation, practicality and timeliness are crucial for success. Whether you’re planning a food festival, fun run, or music festival, you need a versatile and cost-effective space that meets your unique needs. That’s where event shipping containers come in. Event containers are pre-designed to meet the specific purposes of your event, and, with the added benefit of being easily transportable, they are a practical solution that can be deployed at any event location, almost instantly.

Let’s explore how you can leverage a shipping container for your next event.

Table of Contents

  1. How Event Planners Utilise Event Shipping Containers
    1. Pop-up Container Bars and Food Vendors
    2. VIP or Green Rooms
    3. DJ Booths
    4. Merchandise Stalls
    5. Ticket Stalls, Box Offices and Information Booths
    6. Medical Areas and Site Offices
    7. Storage Solutions
  2. Advantages of Event Shipping Containers
    1. Cost-effective Solution
    2. Versatility
    3. Durability and Security
    4. Eco-friendly Option
    5. Time-saving
  3. Pre-designed Shipping Containers
  4. Stand Out From the Crowd

How Event Planners Utilise Event Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have gained popularity in the music festival and sports event industries, providing practical and innovative solutions for various needs. Their adaptability makes them ideal for everything from pop-up bars and food vendors to storage solutions and temporary offices. Here’s how.

Pop-up Container Bars and Food Vendors

Transform shipping containers into eye-catching pop-up container bars or food vendors that will draw attendees in and boost brand awareness. Organising your location layout with uniform containers can create a centralised hub for your patrons, and ensure streamlined service and an easy cleanup throughout your event. Purchase a specialised container and customise it to meet your specific food and beverage service needs.


Pop up Container Bars and Food Vendors

VIP or Green Rooms

Create exclusive VIP lounges or green rooms by converting shipping containers, offering a comfortable and stylish space for special guests or performers to relax and unwind before and after the show. These customised spaces ensure a relaxing, safe, and private atmosphere for artists to prepare and enjoy the event.

DJ Booths

Shipping containers can be transformed into memorable DJ booths, creating an unforgettable experience for patrons. Their unique design and customisable exteriors allow for eye-catching setups that leave a lasting impression on event-goers.

Merchandise Stalls

Shipping containers can be easily transformed into merchandise stalls for your event. With their ample space and layout, containers provide a secure and weather-resistant storage solution for your merchandise, ensuring your products are easily accessible to your customers. Making them an ideal option for festivals, markets, and trade shows.

Ticket Stalls, Box Offices and Information Booths

Ticket Stalls Box Offices and Information Booths

Shipping containers can be easily converted into efficient and secure ticket stalls, box offices or information booths. Their compact size allows you to maximise space while providing a functional and easy-to-navigate area.

Medical Areas and Site Offices

In any big event, having a secure and private space for medical personnel and on-site offices is essential. Shipping containers offer accessibility for emergencies and provide a comfortable, well-organised space for staff to work efficiently.

Storage Solutions

Event equipment storage is often an overlooked aspect of event planning but is essential for smooth operations. Shipping containers provide a secure and weather-resistant storage solution, ensuring your equipment is protected and easily accessible when needed.

Advantages of Event Shipping Containers

Cost-effective Solution

Event shipping containers offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional event structures, providing great value for your investment. Their durability ensures they can be reused multiple times, making them a smart long-term choice for event organisers.



Shipping containers are incredibly versatile and can be adapted for a wide range of event applications, from pop-up container bars to information kiosks. Their adaptability makes them suitable for various events, including festivals, sports events, and temporary events.

Durability and Security

Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, shipping containers are durable and secure. Their weather-resistant properties make them a reliable option for outdoor events, while their strong locking systems ensure that your event assets remain safe.

Eco-friendly Option

By choosing event shipping containers for your events, you’re not only finding a practical solution but also making a more environmentally friendly choice. Repurposing used shipping containers helps reduce waste and supports a sustainable approach to event planning.


Event set-ups are incredibly time-sensitive projects, which means any time saved is invaluable for event planners and operations crews. The pre-built nature of shipping containers makes them ideal for festivals and events. Without having to worry about the installation of temporary structures, you can focus on the rest of the event site and make sure your next big event is one to remember.

Pre-designed Shipping Containers

When it comes to event planning, the unique needs for customisation and innovation are paramount. However, customised shipping containers may not always be the most practical option. Most event planners require short-term rentals, and customisation can be expensive and time-consuming. This is where a pre-designed event container comes in – they offer a range of unique features and configurations that meet a wide range of needs. Some benefits of using pre-designed containers for your event include:

  1. Variety of exteriors and interiors for branding and creating memorable experiences
  2. Adapted containers for information kiosks or information booths
  3. Pre-modified shipping containers for use as site offices or medical facilities
  4. Quick and easy deployment, reducing setup times and ensuring that you can focus on other aspects of successful event planning.
  5. A sustainable approach to event planning, using repurposed shipping containers to reduce waste and support eco-friendly initiatives.

Pre designed Shipping Containers

Stand Out From the Crowd

Event shipping containers provide a versatile and practical solution for a wide range of event needs. By choosing container conversions for your event, you’re investing in a cost-effective and eco-friendly option that helps create a successful, memorable, and unique brand experience for your customers. Elevate your next big event and stand out from the crowd in the highly competitive events industry, by leveraging event containers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Shipping Containers Ideal for Events?

Shipping containers are versatile, cost-effective, and easily transportable, making them perfect for various event needs such as pop-up bars, VIP lounges, merchandise stalls, and more.

Can Shipping Containers Be Customized for Specific Event Needs?

Yes, shipping containers can be transformed and customized to meet the unique requirements of different events, offering solutions like food vendors, DJ booths, and secure storage spaces.

How Do Shipping Containers Enhance Event Security?

Their durable design and strong locking systems make shipping containers a secure option for storing valuable items and equipment at events, protecting against weather and unauthorized access.

Are Shipping Containers an Eco-friendly Option for Events?

Utilizing shipping containers for events supports sustainability by repurposing used containers, reducing waste, and minimizing the environmental impact compared to traditional event structures.

What Are the Advantages of Pre-designed Shipping Containers for Events?

Pre-designed shipping containers offer quick and easy deployment, a variety of exteriors and interiors for branding, and are adapted for specific uses like information booths or medical areas, saving time and resources in event planning.


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