Innovative Ideas for Shipping Container Modifications

Shipping containers have evolved beyond their traditional role as storage units, becoming versatile and functional solutions for a variety of industries. From modular offices and retail spaces to workshops and hospitality units, container modifications are unlocking new possibilities for business owners and government entities alike.


At Instant Sea Containers, we leverage years of experience in container modifications, crafting tailor-made solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. Our Perth-based team of experts offers a range of services, transforming standard containers into highly functional, durable, and efficient spaces.

In this blog, we’ll explore the innovative modifications we offer, highlighting key features and benefits that cater to different sectors.


Key Modifications and Features

Structural Improvements

Commercial-Grade Doors

a standard gray shipping container fitted with a white door, placed in an open storage or construction area.

Our shipping container modifications can include single 920mm commercial-grade steel entry doors. These doors offer robust security, easy accessibility, and durability. Depending on the type of sea container, the end container doors can remain operable, allowing for additional access points and flexible configurations.


To ensure comfort and energy efficiency, our containers can feature insulated floors, SIP walls, and ceilings. This comprehensive insulation minimises thermal loss, reduces noise, and complies with National Construction Code standards, making these containers suitable for a variety of climates and environments.

Functional Enhancements

Power Solutions

an electrical distribution box mounted on the interior wall of a container including various circuit breakers and a schedule indicating the allocations or settings for different power circuits.

Internal power points provide convenient access to electricity within the container, enabling the use of a variety of devices and equipment. We can also offer a single point of attachment externally via an inlet socket, allowing for seamless electrical connection to external power sources. All electrical installations are designed and implemented to meet AS/NZS 3000:2018 standards, ensuring compliance and safety.

Air Conditioning

Our containers can be supplied with reverse-cycle air conditioning, maintaining comfortable interior temperatures regardless of the external climate. This feature makes the containers adaptable for a range of uses, from offices to lunch rooms.

LED Lighting

a teal shipping container at night, equipped with large display windows and external lighting.

Internal and external LED lighting provides efficient illumination for both the container’s interior and exterior. The internal LED lights create a bright, functional workspace or living area, while the external LED lights ensure visibility and safety around the container, making it suitable for a variety of uses and environments.

Interior Designs


Heavy-duty vinyl flooring is installed throughout the container, providing durability, anti-slip functionality, and easy cleaning. This flooring option ensures the container is suitable for diverse applications, from workshops to hospitality setups.


The internal layout can be altered to suit specific needs, from being equipped as a kitchen to including mesh shelving units, work benches, and industrial drawers and cabinets. This design maximises functionality and versatility, making the container suitable for businesses, government entities, and private clients.

Specialty Options

Windows and Shutters

a grey shipping container modified with a window and a door, indicating its use as a functional space, such as an office or specialized equipment room.

Our containers can feature framed windows with flyscreens, providing natural light while preventing insect entry. Additionally, security grills and roller shutters offer enhanced security, protecting the container’s contents.

Kitchens and Workspaces

interior of a shipping container converted into a kitchen or food preparation area.

For hospitality and industrial applications, we offer stainless steel kitchen benches, sinks, and washbasins, along with external connections ready to go. This setup provides a fully equipped kitchen or workspace, enhancing the container’s versatility.


Cyclonic Compliance

Our containers can be made compliant with Region D cyclonic standards, including concrete footings and reinforced structures. This ensures the containers are suitable for regions prone to cyclones and harsh weather conditions, offering safety and durability.


Modification Process

Each converted sea container comes with specific features to ensure it meets your initial needs. However, we understand that each client’s requirements can vary greatly. That’s why we work closely with our clients, listening to their needs and goals, to modify containers further as necessary. This collaborative process allows us to provide versatile solutions that solve the unique challenges you face.


Your Go-to for Shipping Containers in WA

Instant Products Group Office

Shipping container modifications offer innovative and sustainable solutions for a variety of needs across multiple sectors. At Instant Sea Containers, we provide a range of converted shipping containers, from offices to workshops. Our modifications include structural improvements, functional enhancements, and specialty options, ensuring each container is tailored to your specific requirements.

For those seeking sea containers for sale in Perth, our Perth-based team offers comprehensive services, including Western Australia-wide delivery. Contact us today at 08 9406 6600 to explore how we can transform a shipping container into a versatile solution for your needs.


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