Buying vs Renting Shipping Containers: What’s Best for Your Business?

Shipping containers are versatile assets for businesses across various sectors. From storage units to offices, workshops, and retail spaces, containers offer practical solutions that can adapt to a wide range of needs.

When considering shipping containers, businesses often face a critical decision: should they buy or rent? This choice can impact the company’s operations, finances, and long-term strategy.


In this blog, we explore the pros and cons of both options, helping you make informed decisions that align with your needs and goals. We’ll look at the benefits and drawbacks of buying and renting shipping containers, along with key factors to consider when making this decision.


Buying Shipping Containers

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  • Long-term Investment: Buying a container is a long-term investment, particularly for businesses that require consistent or prolonged use of the container. It offers more control and can reduce costs in the long run.
  • Modification Freedom: Ownership allows for greater flexibility in modifying and adapting the container to suit specific needs, from structural changes to functional enhancements and specialty options.
  • Equity: Owning a sea container provides an asset that can be sold or repurposed, potentially offering additional returns.


  • Upfront Costs: The initial purchase cost can be a significant financial commitment, particularly for small businesses or startups.
  • Maintenance: Owning a container also means being responsible for its upkeep, repairs, and future modifications, which may incur additional costs.
  • Space Requirements: Storage space for the container when not in use can be an issue, particularly for businesses with limited real estate.


Renting Shipping Containers

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  • Flexibility: Renting offers greater flexibility for short-term or seasonal needs, allowing businesses to scale up or down as needed.
  • Lower Initial Costs: The lower upfront cost makes renting an attractive option for businesses that require immediate solutions without a large financial outlay.
  • Maintenance Included: We take care of maintenance and repair services since we still own the container, reducing the operational burden on the renter and offering peace of mind.


  • Recurring Costs: Long-term hires can lead to cumulative rental fees that may exceed the cost of purchasing a sea container outright.
  • Limited Modifications: Renters may face restrictions on modifications or structural changes, limiting the container’s versatility.
  • Availability: Due to demand, rental shipping containers might not always be available when needed. Businesses may need to book further in advance than expected to secure a container.


Factors to Consider When Deciding to Buy or Rent a Shipping Container

Business Needs

  1. Duration – How long will the sea container be needed? Long-term use may favour purchasing, while short-term or seasonal needs will benefit monetarily from renting.
  2. Budget – What’s the business’ financial situation? Can it handle upfront costs or recurring rental fees?
  3. Functionality – How much modifications and flexibility does the sea container need? Does renting or buying provide the required modifications?

Future Planning

  1. Business Growth – What’s the business’ growth trajectory? Are there potential expansions or changes in needs that might affect the container’s use?
  2. Asset Management – What’s the value of the container as an asset? Could it provide additional returns through resale or repurposing?
  3. Operational Ease – What logistical factors must be considered, such as storage space, maintenance responsibilities, and availability?


Making The Right Choice for Your Business

Instant Products Group Office

Shipping containers offer versatile solutions for businesses across various sectors, from offices to retail units, workshops, and storage.

If you’re looking for sea containers for sale or hire in Perth, then Instant Sea Containers is where your search ends.

Contact our Perth office at 08 9406 6600 and let our team provide you with expert guidance to help you pick the right sea container for your business.


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