Modular Lunchrooms Shipping Containers

Modular Lunchrooms Shipping Containers

Modular Container Lunchrooms are a unique product in our extensive range of sea containers.   These containers are built from a hybrid construction system which provides insulated floors, walls and ceilings without the need to start with a traditional sea container and add these layers onto the product.  All of our Modular Container Lunchrooms feature a basic kitchenette.

Ideal for providing basic lunchroom facilities or for tea/coffee preparation, these units can be configured to suit your needs.

We also offer larger kitchenette units for all of the designs that offer more bench/preparation space.   Stainless steel benches are also available in any configuration.

Modular Container Lunchrooms offer unique inclusions such as,

  • Steel modular floor system with ISO container locks to the floor
  • Forklift pockets
  • CFC sheeted flooring, insulated underneath
  • SIP Insulated wall panels, 100mm (cyclonic specification optional)
  • Steel modular roof system with ISO container locks to the roof
  • Insulated ceilings and pre-finished internal ceiling finish
  • Increased space internally
  • 3m wide designs available
  • 1200mm Kitchenette with cupboards and draws included
  • Single water connection point included

Download a copy of the Modular Containers General Specifications to see all of the standard inclusions for each product in this range.