Toilet/Ablution Containers

Instant Sea Containers has a well established background in providing sea container toilet and ablution products through our sister company Instant Toilets & Showers.  With many years experience our designs come well proven and offer great flexibility for customisation to suit your exact needs. Any of our sea container toilet and ablution designs can be easily modified to suit.    With technology designed to allow our products to be located anywhere and still operate without sewer or power connections, our products can be used for any situation in practically any location throughout the world.

Self Contained Units

All of our Sea Container Toilet and Ablution products come in both self-contained and sewer connect versions.  Self-contained units are designed to store their own grey or black water and achieve this in our unique compact design without the need to connect separate waste tanks onsite.   With single step access our units are low to the ground which minimizes tripping hazards.  We can also manage waste removal and servicing of these units.


Sewer Connect Units

Sea Container Toilet and Ablution products which are sewer connect designed must be connected to an onsite septic or sewer to function.  These units offer less versaility but are ideal for hire where access to a sewer point is available onsite.