Modular Offices

Modular Container Offices are a unique product in our extensive range of sea containers.   These unique containers are built from a hybrid construction system which provides insulated floors, walls and ceilings without the need to start with a traditional sea container and add these layers onto the product.   Modular sea containers are ideal for use in any situation where people will be inside the unit working or need comfort from the cold or heat.  

Modular containers offer unique inclusions such as,

  • Steel modular floor system with ISO container locks to the floor
  • Forklift pockets
  • CFC sheeted flooring, insulated underneath
  • SIP Insulated wall panels, 100mm (cyclonic specification optional)
  • Steel modular roof system with ISO container locks to the roof
  • Insulated ceilings and pre-finished internal ceiling finish
  • Increased space internally
  • 3m wide designs available


 Download a copy of the Modular Containers General Specifications to see all of the standard inclusions for each product in this range.

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