Custom Designs

At Instant Sea Containers, custom designs are easily accommodated with our extensive experience in manufacturing portable buildings.

Custom Built Shipping Container Homes

If you're wanting something unique, creative and cost-effective for your home or office, our converted shipping container homes are the ideal space to live in or work from. Our in-house design and manufacturing team can work closely with you to design and create a space that you will love for many years to come. Whether you're after something simple or more on the complicated scale, Instant Sea Containers will be able to design, manufacture and build you a shipping container home that suits your wants and needs.


Why Shipping Container Homes?

Affordable Living

Converted shipping container homes are the ideal way to live as they are a cost-effective alternative to a common brick house that you would normally see on your street. All of our shipping container homes can be custom designed and made to suit your needs and wants and your budget. Our shipping containers are all made and manufactured from quality products, ensuring that your home will withstand strong weather and any other harsh climates, allowing you to enjoy your converted shipping container for many years to come.  We manufacture designs to suit all cyclonic and non-cyclonic areas throughout Australia.

Built in Little or no Time

The average brick home can take anywhere from 6-9 months to be completed. At Instant Sea Containers, our name says it all. If you choose to convert a sea container into a unique, shipping container house, you'll be living in your home much sooner than you think. As all of our products are designed and manufactured locally, we can provide our clients with the advantage of time, ensuring that each of our conversions are completed on time and therefore on budget.

Why Instant Sea Containers?

Here at Instant Sea Containers, we've set ourself apart from other container providers by having the ability to design and manufacture our products entirely in-house at our five acre manufacturing facilities in Wangara, Western Australia.  We specialise in solving the needs of our customers and we do it quickly and efficiently. As experienced, registered builders, we also understand the need for compliance in our designs, ensuring our customers projects can be approved by their local authority if required.

Pricing & Costs

At Instant Sea Containers, no two custom sea container homes are the same. We ensure that your home and your project is custom built and tailored to your needs and wants from the very start, right through to the finish of the project. From this, our prices for our custom built shipping container homes are always going to vary project to project. All of our pricing and costs will be discussed with our clients upfront, before production and build to ensure the ultimate customer satisfaction is delivered.


To find out more information about our custom built shipping container homes in Perth, contact our team today.


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