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Instant Sea Containers hold in stock a range of no so normal sized containers like these great Mini-Containers.

These strong but small containers are so amazing! There is virtually no limit to what these great little containers can be used for. Buy one of these today with fast delivery anywhere in Perth.

Download our Mini-Containers Brochure & Specification Sheet

Mini-Containers are just like our Standard Shipping containers and built to the same level of durability. Making these ideal for secure storage of products, tools, equipment or anything that needs to be in a water tight secure area.

Popular uses for these mini shipping containers include

  • Tool Storage
  • Equipment storage
  • Construction site storage
  • Goods storage inside warehouses

Customers often surprise us with what they use these mini sea containers for. If you need a small storage solution fast then talk to a member of our friendly team today on 1300 556 241.